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The firm Italgloves established in 1926 in Quarrata ,in the province of Pistoia. The prevalent production consisted of filet and crochet hand-made gloves, totally following the latest fashion laws of the moment.
The entirely workmanship was carried out both inside its own laboratory and by workers in the surrounding area , where filet as well as crochet represented the typical embroidery of the place and where, from generation to generation, they had been handing down their secrets and their more and more elaborated techniques. Later the domiciliary activity was extended to the close mountain area of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano.
In this way, we reach the mid 50s.
It was in that moment that, to respond to the new demands of the market, the firm turned its own production into knitted gloves, still exclusively "worked by hand".

Today the gloves produced are still knitted, although clearly made with more modern techniques and with the aid of newly-designed machineries. The range has become richer with leather gloves and with knitted accessories coordinated to the glove, which remains the main and indeed predominant article.
Since its establishment, the ownership of the firm has been in the hands of the same family which, from 1926 up to our days, has the credit for having handed down the same passion from father to child, arriving to the fourth generation.
Luca and Lorenzo Lunardi , the founder's encore-nephews, are still today animated by the same spirit that has brought the firm here, characterising its activity or rather the ability to stylistically move with the times and to react to the trend of the moment and to the endlessly evolving demands of the market in real time.